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Living Off Spaghetti Sauce

Low budget food that’s hearty to survive on

Low Budget Guide Series #1

Adrienne Clark and her spouse Kristian Berry spent over a decade perfecting their basic spaghetti sauce. This book contains their recipe with near infinite possible combinations.

•Basic Spaghetti Sauce Recipe before Variations
•Optional Veggies
•Variations Using Leftover Sauce
•Other Options

The second half is a list of many alternate uses for leftover spaghetti sauce.

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How to Use Writing for Personal Therapy

Fiction Writing

Personal Therapy Series

Do you prefer to help yourself work through issues? Try fiction writing as a therapy technique today!

Instead of spending an arm and a leg or two on therapy bills have you ever considered writing as a vent for your inner turmoil? It may not work for everyone but you could be surprised at what it can do for you. If you already enjoy writing then maybe this is the perfect outlet waiting to be found.

This is not a replacement for traditional therapy but a way to self supplement.

This edition is focused on fiction writing. It gives examples of different types of writing tasks that you can try out. Feel free to mix and match. Who knows your next big project could spring from trying to help yourself. Maybe even help someone else with your story while you're at it.

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Improv Yourself

Writing Prompts: Exercises for expanding your mindset

Improv Yourself

Are you a writer looking to exercise your mind? Look no further.

This book will show you a new way to look at words and sentences. Take the norm and twist it into something different.

If you find yourself needing a break from a larger project or you just want to try something new then this book is for you.

Contained inside are 24 lists of 12 pairs of words for your creative genius.

How unique is your way of thinking? This book will put it to the test.

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Write Through Your Pregnancy

Journal Writing Prompts for Expectant Mothers